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Please give us a call on 65626675 or message us before ordering to confirm availability
Please give us a call on 65626675 or message us before ordering to confirm availability

Easy Rest

Original price $325.00 - Original price $549.00
Original price
$325.00 - $549.00
Current price $325.00
Easy Rest

Easy Rest is made in Australia from the Highest Quality Materials. Australian made means quality you can trust and long lasting results every night of the year. Performa foam, 100% cotton fabric and ultra-loft quilting are designed for sleeping comfort. The Easy Rest Mattresses contour coil Bonnell springs provide increased support and promote correct sleeping posture. Edge Support Technology offers edge to edge support resulting in a larger sleep surface and ensuring a greater life span.
Easy Rest features the advanced PIB spring system which is 60% stronger than the traditional Bonnell spring, it also has the unique spring in spring border support providing great edge support and a more  even surface.

Firmness: Medium

Spring System: Bonnell Springs

Strong 4 Side Support: Extra thick pocket springs around the edge to give the  mattress added support on all sides.

Comfort Layers:

High Density Foam Pillow Top.  All foam is non-allergernic, and all foam is treated with Pufity Anti-Microbial for greater protection against bacteria.

Fabric: Natural 100% Cotton Fabric:
–   Breathing fabric enable air flow.
–   Allergy FREE
–   Environmentally friendly

Quilting Foam
All Foams is NON-ALLERGENIC and all Foam is treated with Pufity’ Anti-Microbial for greater protection against bacteria

Comfort Zone
Two (2) sheets of Poly Cushion
Two (2) sheets of Convoluted Foam

A single PIB coil is 60% stronger than a traditional bonnell spring, It has a racetracks structure to strengthen the edge for a long lasting sleep

Spring Count
Single – 216
King Single – 260
Double – 336
Queen – 390
King – 468