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Please give us a call on 65626675 or message us before ordering to confirm availability
Please give us a call on 65626675 or message us before ordering to confirm availability

Millennium Gold

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$845.00 - $1,745.00
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Millennium Gold Mattress

The Millennium Gold Collection Mattress presents a beautiful range of luxury mattresses that uses the best and latest in style and mattress innovation for a truly luxurious sleeping experience. The Millennium Gold  Collection Luxury Mattress line comes in three mattress feels: Plush, Medium and Firm to suit any sleeping preference.  The Millennium Gold – Firm features THREE generous comfort layers: Gel Visco, Latex and High Density Non Allergic foam that works synergistically to give you a truly beautiful and luxurious sleeping experience.
Millennium Gold is a 5 Zone Pocket Spring mattress that provides contouring support for 5 key body zones.
Its individually pocketed coils will reduce partner  disturbance while the zoning will give excellent spinal and body support.
Gel-infused memory foam and latex is added to assist with comfort, body temperature and pressure point relief.

Firmness: Soft, Medium & Firm.

Spring System: Individual Pocket Spring.
–  Keeps your spine properly aligned. 
–  Minimise Partner Disturbance.

–  Pocket spring contours to your unique body shape and provides your spine with sufficient support. 

Strong Edge and Side Support:

Extra thick pocket springs around the edge to give the mattress added support on all sides. Foam Box Construction on 4 sides prevent border break down and wider your sleeping area.

Comfort Layers:
Gel Visco:
–  Naturally adjust to your body, relief pressure point pain.
–  Provide perfect body contour function.
–  100% Natural Latex
–  Correct your sleeping posture
–  Relief pressure point pain
–  Anti bacterial qualities.
–  Increase circulation throughout the mattress.

–  Durable.

High Density Quilting Foam for optimal sleeping support with a medium feel. All foam is non-allergic, and all foam is treated with Pufity Anti-Microbial for greater protection against bacteria.